Swet Shop Boys – Cashmere

In the midst of one of the most polarizing political moments in history, wherein vile bigotry and baseless panic have become commonplace, an album from a joint Indian-Pakistani rap duo could not possibly be more essential. Swet Shop Boys are Queens-bred rapper Heems and London’s own Riz Ahmed, rapper, actor, general jack-of-all-trades. Over the last few years, Heems formed and dissolved Das Racist, released subsequent solo projects, and trotted the globe, while Ahmed found time to grow a healthy rap reputation while also ascending the acting ranks, starring in a hit HBO drama (The Night Of) and a Star Wars film (Rogue One). Fittingly, their debut album as Swet Shop Boys,Cashmere, traffics in dualities, much like the artists breathing life into it.

Release Date
October 14, 2016
Customs Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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