The Go! Team – The Scene Between

the Go! Team - the scene between album

Over the years, The Go! Team has carved out a niche sound that combines sprightly noise rock melodies with plunderphonics. On The Scene Between, the first Go! Team album in over four years, leader Ian Parton — who wrote, performed, and produced every song here without his bandmates — all but abandons those trademarks. He forgoes the chanty Toni Basil choruses and dance music flourishes for subdued, straightforward indie pop songwriting. As another entry into a fascinating catalog, the record is relatively humdrum and forgettable, with tracks that become hard to tell apart after a few listens. But as a standalone work, The Scene Between is warm and bright, something that would sound great through a car stereo on the way to the beach.

Release Date
March 24, 2015
Memphis Industries
digital, vinyl, cd
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