The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits

Tomorrow’s Hits opens with a song called “Dark Waltz”, and it can be heard as an unofficial reprisal of “Candy”, the strum-a-thon off Brooklyn band The Men’s 2012 LP, Open Your Heart. On “Candy”, vocalist/guitarist Mark Perro quits his day job and revels in the freedom of being able to toss back a few shots as early or as late as he wants. In some ways the opposite of The Replacements’ barroom sweeper “Here Comes a Regular”, “Candy” (though it’s not without a sense of limitations) is given another couple wrinkles of dimension during the chorus. “When I hear the radio play, I don’t care that it’s not me,” Perro sings, his voice a dewy and creaky thing that, of course, doesn’t aspire to reach airwaves anyway.

Release Date
March 04, 2014
Sacred Bones
digital, vinyl, cd
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