Tobacco – Ultima II Massage

Though his music has frequently been gloppy, weirdo, disco-inflected fun, Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Thomas Fec knew there was something darker going on when he chose the stage name Tobacco. In an interview with Skyscraper Magazine, Fec explained that his name came from a character from B-movie Redneck Zombies, The Tobacco Man, a creep with a distorted monster voice and a burlap bag over his head. In that context, the twisted psychedelia, masked aliases, and buzz-saw synths suddenly take on a far darker mien. The latest solo album from Tobacco, Ultima II Massage takes a more direct route to that menace, still filling the dance floor, but it’s shrouded some by a noxious, woozy layer of smoke.

Release Date
May 13, 2014
digital, vinyl, cd
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