Two Inch Astronaut – Foulbrood

Two Inch Astronaut may have recorded as a two-piece, but Foulbrood sounds like a fully realized indie rock four-piece, down to shared guitars, casual pop harmonies, and the zany drumming of Matt Gatwood. (Live, they perform with a larger ensemble, notably with Grass Is Green guitarist Andy Chervenak playing bass.) Due to their short history and notable influence, most music press have focused on how they’re comparable to the ’90s scene from Dischord Records. Those familiar with 2013’s Bad Brother already know they straddle the line between the sounds of DC post-hardcore and ’90s indie rock; on Foulbrood, Two Inch Astronaut take it to another level and begin to sound mostly like themselves on a record worthy of anyone’s collection.

Release Date
November 25, 2014
Exploding In Sound Records
digital, vinyl, cd
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