Various Artists – The Music of David Lynch

Since the late 1970s, no modern film director has had as significant an impact in the world of music as David Lynch. His eye for the surreal, pairing camp and mundane scenarios with bursts of strange, disturbing imagery, has influenced scores of musicians to indulge their experimental inclinations. He did this through his soundtrack work, simmering, unsettling scores punctuated by repurposing classic pop songs in a stark, unnerving manner. Music plays a key role in Lynch’s works, from scores by Alan Splet or Angelo Badalamenti, works with David Bowie and Trent Reznor, and multiple solo records of his own, he’s released in the past five years. Artists like Annie Clark and Debbie Harry have expressed how Lynch influenced their work, and going back to the ‘90s, indie rock bands like the Pixies and Modest Mouse paid homage through covering “In Heaven” from Eraserhead. While the Twin Peaks revival coming early next year falls in line with the prevalent wave of ‘90s nostalgia present throughout pop culture, Lynch’s influence on alternative and indie rock has been pronounced for decades.

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