Weyes Blood – The Innocents

Some artists are best discovered on a whim, and Weyes Blood is one of them. Several years ago, while wandering down a side alley in Lisbon, I stopped at an unmarked record store and asked the owner for a recommendation, something that he was proud to own. He left the counter, walked to a section labelled “GOTHIC FOLK/ELECTRONICA,” and pulled out The Outside Room. One minute into “Romneydale”, I was grinning foolishly. Two minutes in, I was rifling through my wallet for cash. The voice coming out of the speakers was too haunting to walk away from. Now, three years after that debut LP dropped, Weyes Blood is back — and The Innocents lives up to the inescapably romantic hopes fans have held for her follow-up.

Release Date
October 21, 2014
Mexican Summer
digital, vinyl, cd
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