Young Thug – Slime Season

Young Thug is a spectacle. His personal quirks — the tutu, his not-quite-there interview presence, and his fluid use of “bae,” to name a few — don’t come across as intentionally subversive. Young Thug exists in Squigglevision. He flips common maxims into something extraterrestrial. He wantonly throws around umlauts, macrons, and accent graves. Then, after tracks like “Best Friend”, common phrases like “on fleek” belong to Young Thug. Days before two of rap’s moody superpowers joined forces, Young Thug delivered yet another solid project with Slime Season. On one hand, the mixtape placates those waiting on the again-delayed Hy!£UN35. But this tape doesn’t come to a mass of starving anticipation; Slime Season comes at a time of Young Thug saturation.

Release Date
September 16, 2015
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