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Manu Chao pisses off Mexico

Manu Chao is no stranger to political commentary. In fact, it’d probably be safe to say the French born musician is the Latin American equivalent to Springsteen, with a little Joe Strummer mixed in. So, it should come as little …

on April 07, 2009, 12:05pm
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2007’s Top 50 Albums: #25 – La Radiolina

#25 – Manu Chao – La Radiolina

34012511116784672wf6 2007s Top 50 Albums: #25   La Radiolina34012511116784672wf6 2007s Top 50 Albums: #25   La Radiolina

Manu Chao is perhaps one of the world’s most talented and popular musician. But, few in the United States know much about the French-born, Spanish singing Chao. La Radiolina is the latest effort …

on December 09, 2007, 1:56am