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Aux.Out. Columnist Robert Ham Needs Your Help

on July 19, 2014, 12:15pm

Crowd funding to support musical endeavors has both its benefits and its drawbacks, but yesterday a GoFundMe campaign caught my attention, reminding that some crowdsourcing is about helping people survive and live healthy lives. So, today I want to share this with you all, in hopes that you can find it in your budget to help out or you can pass along so others that do have the money to do so will hear about this.

Why this? Well, the little boy described on the page is the son of one of Aux.Out.’s regular columnists, Robert Ham. He writes Sensible Nonsense for us, and is asking for help to cover some medical bills and a device that needs to be placed in his son’s skull so he can not be deaf on one side. They are already more than half-way there, and offer all types of different handmade thank you gestures in return.

Trust me when I say that no one that writes these music stories that you enjoy does it solely for the money. It’s not very good, especially for the time it takes. They write primarily because they love it and they work very hard to make it feasible to survive on. And sometimes you can’t plan for life’s curveballs. But many people pitching in can alleviate some of the stress from the Ham family.

Check out the GoFundMe here. 

As always, thanks for reading.

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