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Aux.Out. Writers’ Poll (aka Philzz Jop)

on December 26, 2013, 2:29pm
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Ellery James Roberts by Philip Cosores

What song from 2013 should more people know?

Rachel Bailey
“Platoon” by Jungle. It’s so catchy, it makes me want to fall to the floor and convulse.

Ryan Bort
Jonathan Wilson – “Dear Friend”

Philip Cosores
Ellery James Roberts – “Kerou’s Lament”. It is the dude from WU LYF and it sounds like a great WU LYF song and feel like it got ignored by many.

Nick Freed
“Delicate Cycle” – The Uncluded

Sasha Geffen
the first song on Money’s debut album The Shadow of Heaven technically was out in the world a while ago but I still think it’s a beautiful track that never got a ton of circulation. it’s called “So Long (God Is Dead)” and it’s sort of like if the Antlers wrote about theology.

David Greenwald
Fifth Harmony’s “Miss Moving On”. Athletic, unapologetic pop.

Robert Ham
“Summer 720” by Bored Spies

Zach Hart (We Listen For You)
Young Hunting – “Baby’s First Steps”
Just listen:

Henry Hauser10469715933 82a9bd2ac8 n Aux.Out. Writers Poll (aka Philzz Jop)
Okkervil River – “Pink Slips”

Nathan Huffstutter
“Why” by MAS YSA

Daniel Kohn
Anything from the Queens of the Stone Age album

Jeremy D. Larson
Protomartyr – “Jumbo’s”

Nathan Mattise
“Dropla”—Youth Lagoon

Reflective songs about mortality will always have an audience, but few prove to be as beautiful as “Dropla”. From the ambient four-note refrain to his repetitive chorus of “you’ll never die,” a dark song has never been so damn charming.

Paula Mejia
Laura Marling’s “Master Hunter”

Matt Melis
“Song for Zula” by Phosphorescent. The quiet intensity is absolutely pulverizing. It’s in my DNA now, like The Graduate or “The Dead” by James Joyce or a handful of Dylan Thomas or Wilfred Owen poems. I couldn’t be without this song now that I’ve heard it.

Alyssa Pereira
This song came out before 2013, but Mom + Pop re-released it once this band signed with them earlier this year so I’m including it here. Wild Cub’s “Thunder Clatter” is incredible. I fell in love with this song. It so sweetly describes falling in love and all the spinning, earth-shattering confusion that comes with it.

Michael Roffman
Ducktails – “Under Cover”

Will Ryan
Moderat’s “Let In The Light”

Hilary Saunders
Big Harp: “Waiting For Some Drunk”

Laura Studarus
Connan Mockasin’s “I’m The Man, That Will Find You”. Between him and Blood Orange, this is the year Indie rediscovered sex appeal. (Who do I need to talk to about getting the two of them to tour together?)

Justin Wesley
Judson Claiborne – “Doors”

Cameron Wolf
“Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” – Wet

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