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Relevant Content Ep. 6: 2013 Celeb-Loaded Year-End Spectacular (Part 1)

on December 06, 2013, 5:01pm

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Relevant Content is a bi-weekly podcast for Aux.Out. in which hosts Will Ryan (Beats Per Minute, Diffuser) and Philip Cosores (Director of Aux.Out., the Orange County Register) discuss topical issues with guest industry experts and personalities. Sometimes there is yelling. Always there is talking over one another. And, hopefully, there is a greater understanding of the complexities of the music world that one mind alone may not be able to fully capture in an essay.

This week Will and Phil have six(!) guests stop by to discuss some less-celebrated releases from this year.. Two are a couple favorite past guests: Zach Hart (We Listen For You) and David Greenwald (The Oregonian). The others are musicians that made some of Will and Phil’s favorite under-the-radar albums of the year: Bars of Gold’s Brandon Moss, Jenny Hval, Manors’ Dayna Evans (also of Impose Magazine), and Milk Music’s Charles Waring. Five go great. One doesn’t.

trans Relevant Content Ep. 6: 2013 Celeb Loaded Year End Spectacular (Part 1)

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