Filmography: A Filmmaker’s Podcast

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Filmography is a quarterly podcast chronicling a legendary filmmaker’s oeuvre. Grab some popcorn and sit down with Film Editor Dominick Suzanne-Mayer, who leads an engaging and punchy conversation with guests. They break down the works of icons like Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and John Carpenter – covering everything from iconic characters to recurring aesthetics and running motifs

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dominick mayer1 Filmography: A Filmmakers PodcastDominick Suzanne-Mayer is a film critic with an M.A. in Cinema Studies from DePaul University. In addition to being part of the heading body of CoS Film, he’s also a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association. He’ll stop acknowledging credits now, because it makes him uncomfortable, and inform you that right now there’s at least a 40% chance he’s at home watching the WWE Network or reruns of Top Chef.

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