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Episode 16: The Stand Miniseries with Mick Garris and W.G. Snuffy Walden

on June 02, 2017, 11:16am

“It’s the end of Las Vegas, Tommy. And the end of Randall Flagg… if God is good.”

Constant Listeners, step away from the bookshelf and head to your living room. There’s a television buzzing about. Look closely and you might even recognize a few faces on the screen: Gary Sinise! Molly Ringwald! Rob Lowe! Feel free to take a seat, grab a Lone Star, and waste an afternoon away with everyone you’ve just read about.

Join us as The Losers’ Club closes the book on Stephen King’s 1978 apocalyptic epic, The Stand. This time around, we’ll be discussing its various adaptations, specifically the 1994 television miniseries and Marvel’s comic book adaptation that ran from 2008 to 2012. We even put together a cast and crew for a new series of films.

That’s not all. We’re also joined by two more special guests! Now, if you thought our interview with Adam Storke was great, well, get ready for this double whammy: We also spent an afternoon chatting with director Mick Garris and composer W.G. Snuffy Walden, who had plenty of anecdotes, stories, and updates to share.

It’s all in today’s episode, so take a listen…

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