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Episode 35: The Soul’s Midnight: On Ghosts and Sleep Paralysis

on October 12, 2017, 9:48am

“Three in the morn. The soul’s midnight. The tide goes out, the soul ebbs. And a train arrives at an hour of despair…”

Constant Listeners, are you having trouble sleeping? Has Stephen King kept you up? Are you tossing and turning in that chilly bed of yours, left to your own devious thoughts that haunt you at all hours of the night? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Not at all.

Welcome to the first edition of The Soul’s Midnight, a new spinoff episode for The Losers’ Club that hopes to wrestle with all the real-life spooky stuff that lives outside of King’s Dominion. We’ll share our stories, we’ll share your stories. It’ll be a fun experiment.

This week, the Losers are putting down the books and turning off the Halloween specials for some good ol’ fashioned ghost stories. All of these are real, or at least we think they are, and that’s what makes these tales so chilling: we really don’t know.

Listen below if you dare.

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