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Episode 44: Heavy Metal King and the Year in Horror

on December 07, 2017, 4:30pm

Constant Listeners, welcome to another bi-monthly edition of Needful Tweets and Hollywood King, where the Losers unpack all the hottest news in the ever-expanding world of Stephen King.

This time around, Losers McKenzie Gerber, Michael Roffman, and Randall Colburn slap on some leather and listen to a bunch of metal songs inspired by King. Then they dream up their own concept albums based on The Dark Tower.

Towards the end, the three reflect on the best King adaptations of the year, in addition to all the horror that’s been coming out this year on the silver screen, the boob tube, and in your local library. It’s a pretty heavy episode.

Return next week as we trek across Castle Rock to find The Body.

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