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Hanks for the Memories Episode 1: Forrest Gump

on January 18, 2016, 3:05pm

Forrest Gump. Woody. Josh Baskin. Mailbox Elvis? Join in as we dig through the many roles of the immensely charming, always dazzling Tom Hanks. Whether it’s a film you can recite front to back or a small appearance on Happy Days as a karate expert intent on beating the Fonz (seriously), join Managing Editor Adam Kivel and a special guest from the worlds of music, comedy, journalism, and more as they analyze a project in the star’s storied filmography.

Life truly is like a box of chocolates! Consequence of Sound Managing Editor Adam Kivel begins his quest, celebrating the films of Tom Hanks with the one and only Forrest Gump. He’s joined by a special guest: rapper, raconteur, and pop culture and pizza afficianado ShowYouSuck. Together they dig into fate, American history, the disappointment that comes from learning the secrets behind childhood favorites, and the novelization of the Dennis the Menace film. Make sure to follow ShowYouSuck on Twitter and check out his latest project, ALF FAN 420.

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