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Hanks for the Memories Episode 13: The Money Pit

on May 02, 2016, 4:20pm

Forrest Gump. Woody. Josh Baskin. Mailbox Elvis? Join in as we dig through the many roles of the immensely charming, always dazzling Tom Hanks. Whether it’s a film you can recite front to back or a small appearance on Happy Days as a karate expert intent on beating the Fonz (seriously), join Managing Editor Adam Kivel and a special guest from the worlds of music, comedy, journalism, and more as they analyze a project in the star’s storied filmography. This is Hanks for the Memories.

Welcome back to Hanks for the Memories! As always, Consequence of Sound Executive Editor Adam Kivel brings you into his weird world of Tom Hanks obsession. The sound quality on this one got a little rough (Tom must’ve been monkeying with the wires) but the conversation with Archie Powell and RJ Export of Archie Powell and the Exports was so damn good that we couldn’t keep it out of your ears. Listen in as the three discuss the Tom Hanks and Shelley Long vehicle The Money Pit. They also discuss Galaxyquest, van life, hockey (or “puck stick”, as Archie calls it), and a shared love of Chicago liquor MALÖRT.

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