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Radioheadz Episode 1: Pablo Honey

on April 15, 2016, 12:35pm

Some bands warrant jokes. Some bands warrant lightheartedness. Some bands warrant shallow discussion, with no provocation of thought, integrity, or analysis.

Radiohead is not one of those bands.

Realizing that there’s a dearth of serious online discussion about arguably the greatest rock group (if we can even call them a rock group) to ever come out of England, we at Consequence of Sound decided to actually do something about it as we count down the months to their next masterpiece. We decided to record Radioheadz, the No. 1 Radiohead podcast on the Internet.

Be warned: This is not your typical Radiohead podcast. Knowing that we wanted to dig deeper into their discography than anyone in the history of music criticism, we wrangled the foremost Radiohead experts on our staff to share their insights on the band, one album at a time: Dan Caffrey, Randall Colburn, Justin Gerber, and of course, Editor-In-Chief Michael Roffman. And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet some surprise guests along the way. It could be our engineer, Adam Kivel. It could be Stanley Donwood. It could even be the members of the band themselves. We’ll see. And so shall you.

First up is Radiohead’s 1993 debut, Pablo Honey. In this inaugural installment, you’ll hear unique observations about this achingly raw yet stunningly powerful record, from its rarely talked about cinematic nature to how Thom Yorke‘s diet may have influenced his confessional lyrics.

In a way, our first episode is a lot like Radiohead’s first LP — rough, but somehow elegant. Tender, but somehow combative. Deep, but somehow appealing to millions of people. So it’s time to turn off your TV and turn on your brain. It’s time to stop whispering and start shouting. It’s time to listen to Radioheadz.

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