The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast

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The Losers’ Club is a weekly podcast for Constant Readers, horror hounds, and new fans of Stephen King to dig deep into the author’s oeuvre and the myriad TV, film, print, and stage adaptations of his work.

Each episode, the Losers gather together to read between the iconic pages and share the latest in King’s Dominion, whether it’s the author’s oft-controversial tweets, the boldest Hollywood headlines, or his endless forthcoming projects.

What’s more, the series also features a number of special guests from various King-related productions. In the past, the Losers have spoken to Thomas Jane, Mick Garris, Jerry O’Connell, Mary Lambert, Wil Wheaton, and many, many more.

Join them as they carry out their journey through long days and pleasant nights.

Latest Episode:

The Hosts:

randalllllll The Losers Club: A Stephen King PodcastRandall Colburn: Randall is a senior writer at Consequence of Sound, as well as a contributing writer at The A.V. Club and The Guardian. An occasional playwright, he’s seen his work produced or developed at Writers’ Theatre, Playwright’s Horizons, The Public Theatre, and the Alliance Theatre. As a storyteller, he’s written and performed around Chicago with Mortified, Second Story, The Paper Machete, and Write Club.

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14715535 10102039547721835 1867862728983685731 o e1523297173575 The Losers Club: A Stephen King PodcastJustin GerberIf you’re looking for Justin, he can be found at Chicago hotspots like Wrigley Field, the Music Box Theatre, and Subway. His major in English and minor in journalism at North Carolina State University have come in handy since joining CoS in 2008. Currently, Justin co-hosts The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast, as well as the limited series Halloweenies: A Michael Myers Podcast.

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screen shot 2018 04 09 at 1 35 37 pm The Losers Club: A Stephen King PodcastMel KasselMel is a writer who lives in Chicago. Her short stories often incorporate animals, transformations (grotesque and otherwise), body horror, and strange desires. She’s a first reader for the magazine Liminal Stories. She works as a veterinarian’s assistant at an animal hospital. She will soon be moving to Iowa City to join the incoming cohort of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she’ll earn her MFA degree.

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screen shot 2018 04 09 at 1 32 30 pm The Losers Club: A Stephen King PodcastDan Caffrey: In August 2017, Dan moved to Austin, Texas to pursue his MFA in Playwriting at the University of Texas. Currently, he works as a senior writer with Consequence of Sound, and has also written for The A.V. Club, Pitchfork, Vox, and Comic Book Resources. In the past, his plays have been produced by Chicago Dramatists, The One-Minute Play Festival, The Right Brain Project, The Ruckus, and many more.

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mustache The Losers Club: A Stephen King PodcastMcKenzie Gerber: McKenzie currently lives in Chicago, IL. He previously graduated from Florida State University in 2006, majoring in Theater with a minor in Film Studies. He began writing reviews for Consequence of Sound in 2014. Currently, he spends most of his time writing music, recording podcasts, and reading quite a bit of Stephen King. He also serves as the head videographer for The Losers’ Club when he’s not serving the beam.

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screen shot 2018 04 09 at 12 45 33 am The Losers Club: A Stephen King PodcastMichael RoffmanSince 2008, Michael has served as President and Editor-in-Chief for Consequence of Sound, annoying everyone on a daily basis as the world continues to crumble. Currently, he spends most of his free time reading Stephen King, rooting helplessly for the Miami Heat, obsessing over Steve Harrington, and wishing he was lost somewhere in the ’70s. He also contributes toThe A.V. Club.

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