20 Years Ago, Blade Made Comic Book Movies Credible (Video)

Our latest video essay reveals how Blade paved the way for the modern superhero film.

Channel Changers

Channel Changers: Adult Swim Fest 2018

Dan Deacon, Big Freedia, Zola Jesus, and many more recall the TV that’s shaped their lives

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Warriors

How Freddy Krueger Went from Child Killer to MTV Rock Star

From action figures to NES games, Wes Craven’s dream demon was bigger than Jesus.

Sole Kitchen with Le Butcherettes

Sole Kitchen: Le Butcherettes

Teri Gender Bender gets her hands on a modified reverb pedal. 

Cast of That '70s Show
Music Box Theatre

The Come Up: Music Box Theatre

Get your popcorn, grab a seat, and learn all about Chicago’s greatest theatre.

Heath Ledger as The Joker

Fan Theories: Is The Joker Really the Hero in The Dark Knight?

Maybe Gotham actually needed a better class of hero.

The Big Lebowski
Jim Carrey in The Truman Show

Fan Theories: Was The Truman Show Actually Cancelled?

Simple television economics may have led Truman Burbank to finally learn the truth about his life.

Caroline Rose Sole Kitchen

Sole Kitchen: Caroline Rose

Rising singer-songwriter gets her hands on a modified MXR Phase 90 pedal.

Pulp Fiction

Fan Theories: Does the Briefcase in Pulp Fiction Hold Marsellus Wallace’s Soul?

This theory, if true, makes Tarantino’s hitman masterpiece even more bad ass.

Closed Sessions

The Come Up: Closed Sessions

In a few short years, Chicago’s Closed Sessions has emerged as one of hip-hop’s premiere record labels.