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“#AreaCode – Lil Daggers”

on April 12, 2013, 10:00am

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Are you someone that looks for new bands each day? Do you find yourself using the phrase “I knew them before they were big” in conversations? Well, then this show’s for you. Welcome to #AreaCode, a brand new series on the Rock it Out! Blog that focuses on up and coming bands and artists from around the country.

For this latest installment, we head back down to Florida for a session with psych-rock band Lil Daggers. In addition to performing their songs “Jelleton” and “Single Digits”, the band talks to us about whether there’s any competition between up and coming bands in the Sunshine State, what musical influences their fans would consider surprising, and whether they would have sounded different if they had formed in another state.

Be sure to check out Lil Daggers at the inaugural Block x Blog Music Festival, presented by Consequence of SoundSubculture, and 3-J Hospitality, on April 20th.  Get your tickets here.


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