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“R.I.P. My Chemical Romance”

on March 25, 2013, 5:59pm

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It was not a good weekend for fans of New Jersey’s My Chemical Romance with news of the band’s breakup after 12 long, glorious years. As it turns out, Rock it Out! Blog’s own Sami Jarroush is a member is a proud, card-carrying member of the MCRmy and dedicates today’s episode to sharing his fondest memories of the emo-rock institution. Leave your comments, snarky remarks, and/or eulogies down below in the comment section.

Also on today’s episode, Sami recaps headlines including the release date for the new Queens Of The Stone Age and Daft Punk albums, a new fan shot Nine Inch Nails concert film, and a very NSFW video from Ghost B.C.

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